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This lovely lady made my day! She is so lovely!

Well, THIS happened! 

Oh My GOODNESS! I love Downtown Disney for having Babycakes nyc!

I have no words to explain how good the Babycakes nyc cakes and cookies are... they are heaven.

The lady that talked to me was super cute and lovely, we talked about all kinds of vegan food, life, favorite things- for a long while.  It was lovely to chat to someone else who has the same views on food as me out here!

I'd totally recommend it, it's located next to the Lego shop, handy if you have boys that want to have their cake and just go and eat, where as I like to have a little longer to chat!

I've bought 12 cupcakes since I've been here, I visited a few days ago ( but we won't go into that ) and I bought 6 cupcakes and some cookies, and then went back and bought 5 cookies, 6 cupcakes, and a Babycakes nyc book so I can try and recreate at home! The cupcakes are $3.75 each or 6 for $20, the cookies are around $1.95 and the books are $20-25

I really wish that we had a Babycakes NYC in England, but I'm glad in some ways that we don't since: 

1) I'd be so over weight

2) It makes it super special when you can have a massive treat like this on holiday that you can't get at home. 

(     I know I will regret saying that once I'm home- infact I regret saying it already ! The lady who I chat to is so awesome I will miss talking to her - and obviously the cake!   )


  1. Hey! That looks awesome !?!?!,!

    We're the cakes good ?! I'd love love love to try them !

  2. the topping on these cakes was amazing. We'll definitely have fun trying to make these together at home xx

    1. It was yummy, I love them too much ;-) weight gain !!!

  3. They look amazing !!!!

  4. VeganBakerInIreland21 November 2013 at 04:23

    I saw this on Instagram ! Which flavours did you try ? Please post more photos!!!

    1. I tried them all :) 30 cupcakes in 14 days !!! Oops!!! The vanilla was my fave :-)

  5. These look sooooo good!!!

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